Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Homemade Yogurt, Simple and Delicious!

Just wanted to share my love for my yogurt strainer!! I used to use cheese cloth and coffee strainers...but this is so much easier! It holds a half a gallon of milk, which is perfect for my family. After I’m done straining, I run it under hot water to rinse to clean.

My Yogurt Recipe: 
2 tablespoons yogurt starter (I use last week’s yogurt). 
1/2 gallon raw milk
Hit the yogurt button for 8 hours. Chill overnight. Strain out 3 cups of whey (or until your desired consistency). Add fruit and granola. ENJOY!!
(Disclaimer: This is how I make my own yogurt...if you’re not comfortable using the cold start method or raw milk, I encourage you to seek out other options.)

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