Monday, May 28, 2012

Bridal or Corset Loop Tutorial

I recently made a wedding dress for a beach wedding.  The bride fell in love with a dress out of a magazine, but it did not come in white.  So, working together we came up with our own design.  After I had it all just about completed, the bride decided that she wanted to have splashes of fuchsia on her dress. We decided to go with a corset back with fuchsia laces.  I got to work creating the loops.  
This is how I did it:

I pinned a piece of ribbon that matched the dress perfectly to a piece of scrap paper.  I figured out how big I wanted the loops to be and measured the distance onto the paper.  I then marked my paper every 1 inch so I could space the loops out evenly.

 Next I sewed the loops and the ribbon directly onto the paper.  The top of my loop lined up with the edge of the paper (as per my previous measurements).  I back stitched over each loop to give it more strength.  

I went down the entire length of the paper and this is what it looked like upon completion.

Next I peeled the now looped ribbon off the paper and discarded the paper.  

Then, I pinned the looped ribbon on the inside of the bodice back and sewed into place.

I repeated the same procedure on the other side...threaded the fuchsia ribbon through.  I was very pleased with the results!  I can't wait for the next fitting!!


  1. Love using the paper to sew the loops. What a great idea! I'd love to see a photo of the bride in the dress when it is done! So pretty!

  2. This came out beautiful!! Love how you did the loops too. I agree with Wendy...would love to see the bride in her custom, one of a kind dress.

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